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The People's Champion • The People's Champion

Jill P. Carter

Maryland's 41st District State Senator

Jill P. Carter has had a successful career championing issues facing the marginalized and disenfranchised because it is in her DNA.


Senator Carter is the daughter of the late civil rights activist, leader, and visionary Walter P. Carter. Carter was the third African-American female attorney elected to serve in the Maryland General Assembly as Delegate for the 41st District.


Now in her second term in the State Senate, she is often referred to as “the legacy”– exemplifying the spirit of her freedom fighter father.

Maryland's 41st District State Senator

The People's Champion


Senator for Southwest & Northwest Baltimore City

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Senator Carter’s career of serving her community spans over 35 years.

Sen. Carter's 2022 Legislative Session Wrap-Up Letter

I look forward to working together to serve all our constituents and communities to the very best of our individual and collective abilities! – When the people give you a seat at the table, the job is to leave nothing there. I understand the assignment. These next 4 will be.

Jill P. Carter, MD State Senator

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